Entry #5

We start with "Edge of the universe" game :D

2009-10-05 17:09:42 by Laber

Holly DUDE!! At last :] Now, when in our theme is programmer we can start with making game :D You can read about this game in my prevorius entry :P
There is still place for art designer, becouse now I'm art desinger in this theme and my art sucks preaty bad :] I hope there will be no problems durring the progess :/ So sorry for lame english as aleways and PEACE PEOPLE!!

We start with "Edge of the universe" game :D


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2009-10-05 21:06:07

WHOOO!!!! Good luck man!

Laber responds:

So for you :P He'll have your voice :D


2009-12-27 01:03:16

it good click my name to see my toy and medals

Laber responds:

Yea well...thanx for comment anyway :P Nice Barbarian figure you have up there :]


2010-04-30 14:35:48

wheres the REAL gun then

Laber responds:

Alien stole my gun :O


2010-05-04 02:26:32


Laber responds:

Yess...yes it is :D