Edge of the universe (my idea for game in flash)

2009-09-29 16:33:53 by Laber

First of all I wanna apologize for my lame neglish once again :P
Warning: I only write a script!! This is only an idea. If you like this idea and want to make a game from it PM me or leve a comment :D

Ok in this game main character is flying in the futuristic space ship that fly far far in the universe...and this space ship is attacked by aliens!! WHOH!! Some of them are stupid and primitive but strong, they are walkin on the ceiling and jump on you from nowere, other are smart and are using some big azz gunz and robots but witchout them they're week. All action have place also on other planets and spacestations. Main character is able to duck, jump, climbing on ladders and edges, moving blocks (becouse some parts could be puzzle style), figthing by lazer sword and other stuff, shooting from futuristic gunz and throwing granades. There can be 0 gravitation zones, when you will be able to jumping higher or even walking on the ceiling and parts of game were gameplay will be changed into first person shooter...well not really, you see your character from the back and you can also walking right to left and hiding from walls or bockses. Main goal is to back on earth ofcourse. Oh one more thing, there could be moments when light is turn off and all that you can see then is your lighting suit, some lighting elements of background and red shining eyes of aliens and when you are shooting the screen is turning bright. Aiming and shooting by your mouse. It could be like "Dead space" in 2d :P

Sorry, no image for this one yet ;(


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2009-10-04 15:39:28

Would be cool to see.

Laber responds:

Well yea :D 4years passed and I still can't using flash :D


2010-07-14 19:54:06

Too bad its shit.

Laber responds:

Ooh you don't mean it you silly gryllotalpa :*