Upon Shoulders (my idea for game in flash)

2009-09-25 17:03:24 by Laber

Warning: I only write a script!! This is only an idea. If you like this idea and want to make a game from it PM me or leve a comment :D

First of all I want to apologies for my lame English again, I will doing it in my evry entry :P I hope you will be able to understood my idea :D

It could be fighting game like tekken but more oryginal You pick up two players- one is wearing other on his shoulders (we control him by arrows) and another is fighting on the top (we control him by mouse) If we turn mouse back, player on top is leaning back, if forvard, he's leaning forvard, Left mouse button click is punch, if we hold it, player grabs opponent head, then left button is punching durring grabbing, other player in this time is tapping mouse button to relise himselfe, to make a grab player must be leaned forvard, leaning back is ducking, u also can't be lean back to long becouse player will lose his equilibrium (there could be equilibrium metter also) I was thinking about some special moves like lean back, hold mouse button and lean forvard will be hit by a head, or hold mouse button and bow move mouse from down to the right will be hook punch. You will be able to upgread your players like more speed for waggoner and better equilibrium for this on on the top...Camera close ups when enemis are close to each other would be nice. I was also thinking about madness metter with three graduations that is charging durring fight, depence how high is metter players makes some extra move by hitting spacebar and 3, 6 or 10 arrows in some short part of time like guy hwo is down is using guy on the top like a bat or he's throwwing him high, start beatting opponents and after that catch him back on him shoulders. I'm working on storyline but it would be probably some underground fighting for cash and there will be tornament and the main boss will be some bully that was haze on you in kindergarden or something :P
So that's all...hope you like it and understand it PEACE!!

...by the way- if you have better idea how to named this game, don't be shy to tell it :P This title sucks :]

Upon Shoulders (my idea for game in flash)


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